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Candidate Testimonials

Former Candidate Testimonial - 16th October 2015

We often receive thank you letters, emails and messages from job candidates who we have placed into new roles and in many cases, new careers.

But perhaps nothing quite so touching as the email our Workforce Office team received recently from candidate Melanie White who we helped to secure a Customer Service Advisor role for at Worcestershire County Council.

Melanie previously worked in the care sector but looking for a change of direction in life, the 28-year-old from Malvern registered with us in the hope of securing an office-based role. Not long after, she impressed at interview and was offered the job.

Melanie took the time to email us and with her consent, we have included the full note, word-for-word (including smiley faces) from her below. There is nothing more we need to add.

“Hello sorry it’s taken me so long to email you. Now that I am a working lady I haven't had as much time as before lol.

The job is going very well. I am actually really enjoying it, the staff are great and I'm learning lots.

I have recently decided to have a career change.  At the time I was feeling very discouraged, worried, nervous, down and not really sure how I was going to make the changed in my life I so desperately needed.

As soon as I walked in the Workforce office I was greeted by friendly and professional staff who treated me with respect and were very helpful.

The positivity of the staff was infectious and within only a few minutes of talking with them I started to feel more confident about myself and situation.

The staff at Workforce gave me hope when I was feeling hopeless. They are experts not just in finding someone a job but matching the right people to the right places.

The staff not only spent enough time with me to find out my true talents, abilities and skill but they found me the perfect job. You might think that a job is just a job but it’s not, it’s so much more.

I get to spend my time in a job where the staff are friendly and helpful, where I get to grow in my skills and understanding. I have a smile on my face and feel good about myself and what I am doing.

This has had positive effects on other areas of my life.

At a time where I was very down and emotional the team from Workforce was there.

A time of uncertainty and confusion the team from Workforce helped bring clarity to my life.

A time of many questions the team from Workforce became my answer.

If you are reading this it’s because you need some direction and support in your life to find a job.

Don't waste your time looking elsewhere Workforce are so good at helping. They are quick to get work, it only took me a few days and I started my job.

Thank you for reading this, I believe that you too can find the help you are looking for in the Workforce team. :)

Kind Regards
Melanie White"


Former Candidate Testimonial - 5th October 2015

Following my recent employment, I would like to thank the Commercial department of Workforce in Worcester for their endless efforts in finding employment to suit me and my needs.

Abi Cooper-Williams and her colleagues have consistently shown hard work and dedication to recruiting and always showed compassion and gave encouragement where I had been unsuccessful.

Abi had always made contact if there were any updates either through email or phone calls and returned phone calls promptly. She always called to let me know of new jobs that she believed to match my experience and capabilities and forwarded my CV on to potential employers.

Everyone I had spoken to were all very welcoming and helpful and delivered an excellent service. The Commercial team are an invaluable asset to the company.

Once again, many thanks for your tireless efforts in finding me employment and the best of wishes to all members of the team for future endeavors.

- Jess Smith
Former candidate and soon-to-be employee of Onsite