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Onsite Managed Service

Our Onsite Managed Services option is popular with our Office-related clients, mainly call centres, as they often require large numbers of temporary staff and we help them by operating our services around the clock, and covering every shift.

Our dedicated account management team of experts integrate simple into the team of our customers’ to ensure clients get the most from their temporary workforce. 

We also integrate our recruitment centres to provide more candidates and internal resource to any site or office-based business we have been brought in to support. This strategy sees us fulfilling 98.5% of daily bookings across the business, with only 1.5% absenteeism.

Office-based businesses across the UK use our Onsite Managed Service, because: 

  • It saves them time on having to source people with the correct skill sets
  • There is no need for to employ people and manage their contractual terms 
  • They can flex up, or down, by shift with only a few hours-notice required to eResponse
  • We integrate the onsite checking in process and inductions 
  • We monitor productivity through a bespoke matrix detailing the team’s performance
  • We provide a fully auditable workforce
  • We can deliver ongoing training to complement both a temporary and permanent workforce