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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing services for Office clients is popular as it supports the sourcing, screening and vetting and induction of their new staff.

The service is uniquely positioned at employers who are recruiting large volumes of, for example, call centre staff but don’t necessarily put people into contracts or on agency timesheets.

Our RPO offering is delivered nationally by our fully trained Workforce Office team who also host assessment centres and inductions, as well as conducting fully accredited training. It’s also modular meaning that we offer a bespoke service to the customers who need it - or a full service if they need wider support with their recruitment.

Office customers buy into our RPO solution when:

  • They are recruiting new teams for the call centre, marketing or commercial teams
  • They are regularly adding new starters
  • They don't have the times to screen and vet applications
  • They need a compliant vetting process
  • They require training upfront before the first day someone starts their new role